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Season Eight Match

The Red Threat
HT: 5'4
WT: 114 lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

The Cheerleader
HT: 5'2
WT: 108lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (3-1)

Welcome Isis Love as the new Ultimate Surrender referee.  With 6 seasons of mat experience, she was the perfect candidate.  Matt Williams is still the Director, scheduler and now commissioner of Ultimate Surrender.  With Isis taking over the referee position, Matt is free to create another website for Kink.
Jessie Cox has dropped some weight and now she looks faster then ever.  Jessie is one of the best of the feather weights.  This former gymnast and cheerleader is full of energy on and off the mat.  Jessie has learned a great deal from the last season's Tag Team League as she was partnered with Dia Zerva. Look for great things coming from Jessie this year.
Sloane Soleil comes to us from the underground blood wrestling pit of the Citadel.  This red jello league competes monthly. It is a no-rules anything-goes blood bath of hell where the meanest etch out a life for themselves in pain and suffering.  Ok, maybe that's a touch dramatic but you get the idea.  Sloane plays "The Red Threat" in the pits, a tough nasty Russian girl.
Sloane soon realizes that life in the pit is easy compered to the trained gladiators of Ultimate Surrender.  Our little Cheerleader punishes the street fighter.  Great headlocks, body scissor holds and brutal leg locks.  Jessie makes "The Red Threat" submit 3 times, and gets fingers in her pussy early and often.
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We bind Felony in a traditional Japanese torture position, then take that tie a few steps ahead.  We bind her neck to her ankles and this puts her in the perfect fucking position.  Just a tiny ball of helplessness with her pussy and ass jutting out just begging for attention. 
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Shy hot Emery shows off her shaved pink pussy and fingers herself Day 4 - red and blue Kerry Marie wants to join the most popular sorority Omegaboob on campus. She meets with the sorority leaders who smugly tell her she has to shag this dude Joey or they won't accept her. Kerry's a very clever lass so she figures out a way to trick them and still get into the sorority...
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      Duration: 01:14 Over the Knee and Sodomized

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Welcome Tiffany Tyler to Hogtied.  This slim, long legged, tan beauty is as sexy, as sexy cums.  Let's see how she handles her first day in brutal bondage. 
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